Trailer Locks

Compressors and trailers are highly susceptible to theft. The TLD Trailer Locks are highly visible and can be used in conjunction with the TLD range of Security Chains to secure equipment to immovable objects such as telegraph poles or lamp posts, making them extremely difficult to move or lift.
Both products are supplied with the Key Differ option but Key Alike and Master Key options are available.

Please use our contact form to request details for trailer locks.

Universal SpiderLock

A highly effective device comprising a Hardened & Plated Steel Pin, plus a Heavy Duty Collar secured with a fully enclosed high security Cylinder Lock.
  • Designed to fit virtually all Trailers with standard towing eyes.
  • Adjustable to lock a single towing eye, or secure two or three units together.
  • Can also be used with TLD Security Chain to secure units to another object.
Part No: 2100KD (key differs)
2100KA (key alike)

Click here to Download the Spiderlock2100 Fitting Instructions

Standard Eyelocks

A heavy duty device consisting of a Plated Steel U shaped Shackle which slides over the towing eye and is secured by a robust Pin, held in place by a High Security Boxlock within the Shackle body.

Available in two sizes shown opposite, both with a ‘Key Alike' option:

Standard (Part No: 22801X) – to fit eyes with internal diameter 30mm to 50mm

Large (Part No: 24801X) – to fit eyes with internal diameter 55mm to 75m

Universal HitchLock

A High Security Lock designed to prevent unauthorised towing by blocking the ball insert with a steel pin welded inside the U shaped shackle, which is held in place by a hardened steel pin and armoured boxlock.

  • Designed to fit most 50mm Ball Hitch Heads, e.g. Avonride, Indespension, Bradley, Al Ko, Knott etc.
  • Includes ball insert which pushes up into the Ball Head and is then locked in place by a Hardened Steel pin and high security boxlock placed within the HitchLock for maximum protection.
  • TLD Security Chain can be used to attach units to a fixed object or other plant.
If you are unsure about suitability, please contact us with full details (make & model) of the towing head(s) to be secured.

Part No: UHL50KD (Key differs)

Click here to Download the Universal Hitchlock Fitting Instructions


  • Universal Spiderlock

  • Standard Eyelock

  • Large Eyelock

  • Universal Hitchlock

  • Al Ko Head Fitting

  • Avonride Head Fitting