A simple , highly effective device which can easily be fitted in less than one minute to the steering ram of virtually any hydraulically steered machine, such as telehandlers, tractors, dumpers etc.
Fitted over a fully extended ram (on full steering lock) it is held in place by a steel retaining pin which is secured using a heavy duty box lock.

 Once locked the machine can only be driven on full lock making it  impossible to drive away 
 Highly visible so acting as a deterrent 
 Design of the ramlock protects the box lock making it virtually impervious to attack 
 Available ex-stock to fit most machines 
 Special sizes heavy duty and stainless steel POA
 Ramlocks tested, approved and sold by major equipment manufacturers 
 Plastic coated to prevent damage to cylinder rod 
 Ramlocks supplied key differ - key alike and master key available on special order

Click here to Download the Ramlock Fitting Instructions

Click here to Download the Blade Ramlock Fitting Instructions

Ramlock Sizing Instructions

In order that we might establish the correct size of Ramlock for your application would you please provide the following information when ordering:-

Machine make and model , Length of fully extended cylinder rod - in mm , Diameter of cylinder rod - in mm

Please note: the cylinder must be fully extended
Order numbers are made up as follows:- "R***/xx" (where *** =length & xx = dia of exposed rod in mm)
Please use our contact form to request details for ram locks.